Gulls Walk starts at the Burn Gill and makes it way towards the access road to the old oil rig constriction yard. The area used to be a lot larger but some was reclaimed to make way for the British Steel Yard but a lot still exists.

The exit to the burn gill is shown in the top right image and the fresh water that spouts out from here attracts many Mullet when the tide goes out and comes in, it can be quite a sight but they are incredibly fast and not easy to catch. I should know as tried often enough as a child and failed.

Further up the burn gill there can be found Juvenile Flounder and Trout along with Spined Sticklebacks. It is a perfect area for spawning and nursery habitat for marine and freshwater fish. Between the exit of the Burn Gill and the bridge at the power station road there is also signs of Otters frequenting the area.

It is possible to walk out to the low tide mark as the sand/ground is pretty hard on the foot, at the furthest point out the height the water can get to is quite surprising. The area of Gulls Walk attracts many kinds of bird life and sometimes the odd seal but they more prefer Inner Brigurd Point than the Gulls Walk area
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Looking towards Gulls Walk from Power Station Road
Looking towards Gulls Walk from Power Station Road