A burn is a Scottish name for a stream or brook. Through the estate of Hunterston runs three burns, but the main one is called Burn Gill. A burn gill is a stream or brook that has never been cultivated, that means the burn is natural and over the many years it has eroded away deeper with no additional help. Usually a burn gill is overgrown and un-maintained.

The Bush Glen burn runs through the land of Millstonford, under the A78 and then under the Hunterston approach road prior to the Beech avenue. Once the burn passed under the bridge of the approach road it turns into the Burn Gill and arches around and heads through the middle of the fields west towards the sea.

The third burn is called Kilruskin burn. It separates the land of Hunterston from the land of Kilruskin a neighbouring farm. The burn eventually goes below the old Hunterston avenue before it reaches the shores of the river clyde at the location called Gulls Walk.
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